What Are Internet Detectives?

Internet Detective Sites – What Are They?
by: Scott Fromherz

internet detectiveOver the last five years we have seen an emergence of a new type of website,
commonly referred to as an “Internet Detective Site.”  These sites fill the need for
people searches that are not easily accomplished using the currently available
search engines.   Here, we will discuss the various aspects of websites that offer
online detective services.

First, we want to answer the most basic question, “What is an Internet Detective
Site?” The simple definition is “a collection of links.” An Internet Detective Site is a
collection of links to resources that allow you to search for many forms of
demographic information. Most of these links can be found for free on the internet,
but it would take hours, if not days, to find them all by hand. Thus, an Internet
Detective Site is providing a service that saves the searcher valuable time by
gathering and updating relevant search links. The price for this service usually
ranges from $19.95 to $39.95. This is often a one-time fee which buys the
subscriber a lifetime membership to the service.

Some of the most frequent uses include finding a phone number or address, reverse
phone number lookup, cell phone search, finding a birthdate, finding an email
address, or locating a lost friend or love. Other uses include background checks,
criminal record checks, military record checks, and genealogy research. The list of
search types is actually very long. Here is a partial list to wet your appetite:

1) Adoption Records
2) Aircraft Crash Database
3) Real Estate Brokers Directories
4) Census Data
5) County Ordinances And Codes
6) FCC Radio Licensee Search
7) Annual Corporate Reports
8) Court Records
9) Military Records
10) Criminal Records
11) Marriage Records
12) Copyright Information
13) Patent Information

Before embarking on your people search, consider saving yourself some time by
purchasing a membership to an Internet Detective Site.